Quality Control

Houston state of the art laboratory, equipped with a Quantron Magellan Q8 spectrometer, and certified quality control and assurance professionals verify: chemical, electrochemical and physical properties of raw materials and alloys to meet and exceed our customer’s specifications as well as all international norms, US Military Standards and procedures. We consistently deliver:

Right Chemical Composition and Right Electrochemical properties

Houston’ Anodes are manufactured with the highest grade raw materials. We only source Primary Aluminum at 99.9% purity, Special High Grade Zinc at 99.99% and ASTM Carbon Steel.

Right Weight

Our electromagnetic stirring technology delivers a highly dense and impurity-free anodic mass, with alloy components incorporated at a molecular level. Each anode is weighed individually to ensure requirements are accurate.

Right Fit

With our vast and diverse inventory of molds, Houston Anodes is capable of delivering in a short notice the right fit anode for your project. Additionally, Houston Anodes’s facility, experienced personnel and proprietary precise mold technology is capable of manufacturing any size, type, and shape of anode to fit your specific needs.

Our quality standards are ensured by a rigorous quality system that conforms to ISO-9001 International Standards, in accordance to NACE and DNV standards.

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Houston Anodes

  • Right Chemical Composition

  • Right Electrochemical Properties

  • Right Weight

  • Right Fit