Aluminum Anodes

Houston Aluminum Anodes can manufacture any type, any size and any shape of anode to fulfill our customer’s requirements, specifications and applications. Due to our expertise and capabilities to manufacture our own molds, Houston Anodes can fabricate any anode to accommodate our customer’s specific needs.
Houston Anodes is well known in the industry for providing the best lead times for our customer’s projects and providing our customers with on-time order completions. The high quality of our products and services is due to the vast amount of experience, expertise and commitment to excellence of our employees. In addition our quality system is certified by DNV -ISO 9001:2008-
Houston Anodes laboratory is equipped with a Q8 Bruker/Quantron Magellan Spectrometer and state-of-the-art equipment where all of our anodes are inspected and tested according to NACE, DNV, and ISO specifications and best practices as well as our customer’s unique anode manufacturing specifications including NRF and MIL Spec. All of our alloys are tested for their chemical composition to guarantee that our anodes have the right chemical properties. No anode leaves our facility before being tested, inspected and approved.

Houston manufactures aluminum anodes with alloys of the same composition as Galvalum III. We developed Type Galvalum III and Type Galvalum III DCW with traces of indium, zinc, and silicon, producing an anode with a capacity over three times that of zinc. Our anodes are environmentally friendly and meet most accepted industry criteria.

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